Jig Heads

Undressed jig heads ready for your favorite plastics or tie your own body.

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Barbed Sparkie/Boxing Glove Jig (3pack)

Available in assorted sizes, hook types, and colors. Please choose options below. Prices start at $4.00 per 3 pack.

Bullhead Barbed Jigs

Barbed Bullhead Jigs (for soft plastics) Available in wide gap J Hook or extra wide gap Kahle style hook (kahle hook is the jig on the right in the picture). Sold in packs of 3. ** Note - 1/16oz only available in Kahle style hook!

Bullhead Jig (No Collar)

Meant to be rigged with some of today's newer, tougher soft plastics and shrimp, like the Monster 3X brand. Having no collar makes rigging them a breeze

HD Jig Head with Heavy Duty Hook (3-Pack)

1/4oz 4/0 Heavy-Duty Hook 3/8oz 5/0 Heavy-Duty Hook 1/2oz 6/0 Heavy-Duty Hook

No-Collar Blackfish (Tog) Jig 3x Strong Hook (3 Pack)

These are made with very sharp and very strong 3x strong 4/0 live bait hooks. We make them with black nickel hooks and steel hooks. Which hook you'll receive will depend on what's currently in stock. Thank you.

Poison Tail Jigs

Poison tail Jigs (for soft plastics) Available in Kahle style black nickel hook(shown) and J-hook Black nickel wide gap

Sasquatch "Squatch" Jigs

Made with strong, sharp Mustad black nickel hooks, sold in 3-packs.

Sparkie Blackfish (TOG) Black Olive Jig (3 pack)

Our special Sparkie Blackfish Jig head. Comes with a strong black nickel hook and comes in Black Olive head color. Each order comes with 3 jigs. Please read spec and notes below. Thank you